care & maintenance

these are general care guidelines for all our jewelry and resin products. please be sure to read all product descriptions before purchase for any maintenance special to that product.


jewelry care

please remember our crafted pieces are considered fashion jewelry. tarnishing and color change is natural and should be expected.

to help prevent, and/or delay tarnishing or color change:
  • give your jewelry a break, it is meant to be worn occasionally. excessive wear can debilitate the outer coating
  • be cautious of water and chemicals, they can deteriorate the outer coating. chemicals include, but are not limited to: chlorine, sweat, hand sanitizer, soap, perfumes, and lotions
  • occasional polishing and proper storage in a box or bag is recommended
    you can also coat your jewelry in a thin coating of varnish or clear nail polish if you wish. this will act as an extra layer of protection against wear, water, an chemicals. there is still a possibility of natural wear, but it is recommended to extend the life of your jewelry.


    resin care

    all resin products are made with UV resin.

    to prolong the life and quality of your resin piece:
    • avoid contact with food items, mouth, nose and eyes. UV resin is not food safe and should not come in contact with any food items or be put in the mouth
    • avoid long periods of direct sunlight. it can cause yellowing overtime 
    • be cautious of extreme temperatures. temperatures too high, or even too low, could damage your piece. avoid leaving in places like a hot car, or in the freezer
    • hand wash in cool or room temperature, hot water can damage the resin. you can use soap with a soft sponge or gentle cloth. you can also wipe it down with rubbing alcohol if it loses shine.

        resin items are for indoor use only. these instructions apply to anything made with or coated in resin, including jewelry.